Spam-free delivery

  • 18th April 2022
Outbound email filter prevents blacklisting and protects your company's reputation. In addition to protecting your email infrastructure from incoming external threats, such as viruses or other malware, similar protection mechanisms are needed for outgoing messages as well. The benefits are obvious. Inbound protection and all other ...
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Update Name Server

  • 1st December 2021
For security and limitation reasons for the protection of ddos layer 7 we have chosen to give up our NS, namely:   The new valid NS for hosting services is:    Starting with 12.12.2021, we stop the services ...
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Germany DDoS Protection

  • 20th January 2021
DDoS-Protection flowShield is our self-developed, highly flexible and performant Anti-DDoS solution to filter attacks on network (and partly application) level. DDoS-Attacks are filtered automatically. Most customers dont even notice a ongoing mitigation. In order to mitigate attacks on HTTP, we provide a inline reverse-proxy ...
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Anti DDoS Frequent Questions

  • 17th May 2020
Q: How does your DDOS Protection work? A: Every single IP that receives traffic from Internet through Voxility may be protected against any type of DDoS attack (volumetric and layer7). A network sensor detects instantly when an attack occurs and redirects traffic in seconds from the affected IP to the mitigation cloud. Redirection stops within ...
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